our story

Coconut me !® was born of a strong desire to create a brand rooted in values which are dear to us and infuse our daily choices. Through our products, we tell the story a pristine wilderness that lives at the heart of the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia.

Welcome to Polynesia

Each Coconut me !® product begins its journey in a coconut tree in remote and untouched islands in Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. Using carefully selected artisanal processes, our team extracts the pulp of mature coconuts is extracted to produce the purest virgin coconut oil, with wich we produce the most natural, respectful cosmetic products from it.

Our values

We deeply care about our human and environmental impact, and see ourselves as a part of nature, not apart from it. This is why we use sustainable development practices, responsibly sourced organic products and minimally processed, noble raw materials. Coconut me!® products are naturally designed and conformed to the designation of origin “Monoï de Tahiti”.
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