Gua Sha

PEARLY CARE®, the Polynesian Gua Sha By Coconut me!

Coconut me!® created three beauty tools in mother-of-pearl, made in Tahiti, for an anti-aging facial routine, to drain and relieve congestion.
After this routine, the face is smoothed, the skin is plumped and strengthened, features look lifted, the oval of the face seems reshaped, and it looks silky and luminous.
Carried out regularly, Pearly Care® slow down appearance of wrinkles, the face is rejuvenated, it opens the eyes and reshapes the jawline. The skin is toned and rested, tissues are firmer.




The Tools collection

Handcrafted in Tahiti in mother-of-pearl, their shapes were studied to receive an effective face massage. They can be leaved to cool before using for a more intense and relaxing effect.

  • The spatula prepares to the massage and decongest, focused on eyes and their contour.
  • The Tiare flower, has a draining and lifting effect, at the eyes, cheekbones and mouth.
  • The heart, to give a lifting effect on the oval of the face and on the neck.

Inspired by maderoterapia, gua sha and kobido japanese massage, the spatula, the flower and the heart are used together with a massage synergy, that take in-depth action, drain and smooth the skin. They can be used with a Coconut me! ® skincare oil or one of your choice.

The routine

  1. Choose your oil for massage, then apply it on your face and neck;
  2. Take your Pearly Care®collection;
  3. Start with the spatula, then the flower and finally the heart, following the different steps in the videos below.